Capturing your brand image

Zeelum is a premium photography studio focused on capturing and portraying your products in the best possible light. Shoppers viewing your products online or in catalog form are then presented with each product’s authenticity and true appeal.

Zeelum is the brainchild of the renowned Sarifka. After successfully taking lead on many upscale commercial lifestyle shoots, she identified the need to raise the bar in product photography. Zeelum promises clients full-service modeling, styling, theming, and photo production, delivering a final result that showcases total visual harmony.

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Serving as your in-house studio


All Zeelum photographers and technicians are graduates from prestigious universities with degrees in Fashion Design and Merchandising. Coupled with extensive experience in styling and visual manipulation, they ensure your products are cast for maximum attractiveness and effective pictorial appeal.

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Custom ops are our territory with a super high-end studio capable of representing the most creative brand atmospheres.


Zeelum uses the latest photography and staging equipment for hung, mannequin, model, catalog and web applications


Our select team of expert photographers are trained in all genres and are confident in pushing creative boundaries.

On Time

On Tone

Zeelum is a model of efficiency. We zoom in on each project and deliver the complete picture as soon as promised. This makes the difference between making and losing the season—especially in fashion. We also focus on consistency, using the same correct exposure, lighting and effects on all photos for brand cohesion.

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